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Spinnenanfänger rosa

Spinnenanfänger rosa

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Spinnenanfänger rosa

Calling all Arachnophobes - your saving grace has arrived. Say hello to the Spider Catcher, a handy little device that allows you to rid your home of those evil eight-legged critters without having to resort to squashing them in a tissue. Coming in a pretty pink colour, the eye-catching catcher will fast become a girl's best friend. The long pole features a set of spiny bristles which captures the spider as you release the trigger. Just take the offending beast outside and pull the trigger to set it free, without causing it any harm. The Spider Catcher can also be used on wasps, bees and other stinging insects. - L.M. Spider Catcher - the environmentally friendly way to remove spiders from your house Catch and hold/transport spiders or other insects without hurting them (or you!) Can catch insects from 2mm up to 25mm in length Plastic 'grabber' handle and rod, nylon 'grabber' bristles Comes with clear bristle protector Size: 65 x 15 x 7cm

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