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Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

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Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Fancy the adrenaline rush of racing down a rollercoaster or running away from a T-Rex from the comfort and safety of your own living room? The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset allows you to watch 3D movies, indulge in simulated games and experience virtual simulations by simply downloading content onto your smartphone. The headset offers 360 head tracking plus a screen that adapts with your head movements, ensuring that you will become completely immersed in your own wonderful virtual world from the moment you press play. - L.R. Features: Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Compatible with most smartphones measuring between 4–6 inches wide(Android & iPhone) Ultra Wide Field Vision Intense 3D View 360 degree content Screen adapts along with the movement of your head Face contact phone and adjustable head strap to heighten comfort Offers an unforgettable experience with 3D films, simulated games and much more Experience virtual simulations via content downloaded to your smartphone (an extensive range of free and inexpensive content is available to download from the Play Store and Apple App Store) Watch 3D videos from the web by searching “Side by Side 3D” on Youtube

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